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Shotgun Case

Shotgun Case

Every shotgun needs a good storage case.

Shotguns don't get as much love in the gun case department - at least, compared to those millions of GLOCKs and ARs. So, we decided to do something about it. We set out and found what we humbly believe are the best shotgun cases - soft and hard cases, and badass scabbards for a quick over-the-shoulder draw - for any pump-action or semiautomatic shell shooter you've got in the safe.

Ballistic nylon and all-weather protection

We focused on finding shotgun cases that maximize carry capacity and firearm protection without adding a bunch of bulk and weight. That's why we've partnered with companies like Bulldog and Allen Company to source high-quality soft shotgun cases built from water-resistant ballistic nylon.Each shotgun case providing loads of padded protection for your long gun inside, plus the capacity and storage for shot shells, magazines, eye and ear pro, and extra gear.

Pistol-gripped and stocked case options

We recognize the shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms ever designed. It can function as a compact home defense weapon or an accurate long-distance shooter. Want a short tactical case for a pistol-gripped Mossberg 500? Check out the 28" Bulldog Tactical Case. Need a long, lightweight carrying case for your double-barrel hunting gun? Consider Allen Company's 52" Powell Shotgun case.