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Shotgun Scabbard

Shotgun Scabbard

"That's a pretty badass shotgun scabbard you've got there," is what Max Rockatanksy would say to you if he saw you wandering the wastelands on your way to the Bullet Farm with one of these over-the-shoulder shotty holders.

The shotgun scabbard is not just a gimmick that looks cool. It provides a hands-free carry solution for your pump-action or semiauto shell shooter that also affords quick access  to your shotgun for tactical work, competition, or hunting. There's no fiddling with buckles and straps, no carry case to lug around. The scabbard is the perfect way to carry your shotgun across any terrain, in any environment.

What is a shotgun scabbard?

The shotgun scabbard is a modified shoulder bag that effectively functions like an arrow quiver. It's worn slung over one shoulder and under the opposite arm. The scabbard rests vertically against your backside, providing an over-shoulder draw of your pistol gripped or stocked shotgun with one hand.

Tactical and short scabbards available

Not everyone's rocking a hunting shotgun that's a mile long. So we worked with Voodoo Tactical to bring their famous Breacher Shotgun Scabbard to market. It's the perfect scabbard for a pistol-gripped pump gun, and it comes with extra shell holders and a comfortable padded strap. The ambidextrous setup makes it perfect for left- and right-handed shooters. Want something even smaller? Check out NcSTAR's VISM Scabbard. It's thin and high-speed, with plenty of MOLLE webbing for adding more pouches and storage.