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Shotgun Sling

Shotgun Sling

A shotgun sling deserves to have shell holders.

After all, what good is a shotgun sling that doesn't provide the built-in bandolier? It's cool and practical. Plus, shotguns can get pretty heavy. It does you no good you ruck out to your favorite hunting grounds or public range, dragging your shotgun at the low-ready the whole time. That's why buying a proper shotgun sling is a good investment. Plus, a proper sling setup can provide recoil mitigation and improved accuracy, by allowing you to turn your shotgun sling into a shooting brace when standing or crouched.

Easy-to-adjust, tough shotgun slings

We test out the equipment we sell using our own firearms. That's why we're proud to offer a sling like Blackhawk's Shell Sling. It uses heavy-duty but compact metal fasteners and clips, with freely rotating swivels that prevent your sling from getting twisted up with your shells inside. It's ambidextrous and easily sizes up for any length shotgun, whether a pistol-gripped tactical pump gun or a long hunting semiauto.

Compatible with multiple studs

Sling studs use loads of different connectors, which is why we offer shotgun slings that can accept virtually all mounts. Whether QD, QDM, swivel studs, wood stock mounts or rail mounts, our available sling options are made to be compatible with most connectors.