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Single-Point Sling

Single-Point Sling

The single-point sling: The O.G. tactical setup.

The single-point sling is quite literally a loop of sling fabric connected to a single sling mount or adapter, which is usually connected to your long gun via the rear of the receiver or buttstock. The single-point sling is carried atop one shoulder - usually the firing shoulder - and slung under the opposite arm. A sling setup like this places all the weight and force on a single sling mount, so it's important you invest in a quality setup: Metal fasteners, not plastic. That's exactly what you'll find here.

Why a single-point sling?

The single-point sling provides arguably the quickest transition from rest to a high-ready position, ready to pull the trigger. The one-point connection allows your rifle or shotgun to remain slung directly down the center of the chest, with the muzzle naturally dropped to the floor. This is the most comfortable setup for a static position or daily security or law enforcement work. A one-point sling allows you to work hands-free without your rifle slipping off your shoulder.

Want two slings in one?

A single-point sling is the perfect setup for particular circumstances, like tactical work and static positions. But maybe you want to employ the traditional over-the-shoulder carry, which requires a proper two-point sling setup. That's the beauty of the one-pointers we sell: They can be modified in a matter of moments to function as a two-point sling, and vice versa. Pair your Magpul MS1 single-point sling with a new QD sling mount and rail-mounted adapter, and boom: Two-point sling. Un-clip and convert back to a single-pointer whenever you want.

Made from ballistic nylon

We want all the slings we sell to provide nearly universal compatibility with sling hardware, but we also want you to enjoy a sling that's always reliable. That's why we focus on the hugely popular 1.25" ballistic nylon standard. This setup provides a comfortable but thin strap that doesn't get in the way if you're wearing a plate carrier or other equipment. Ballistic nylon is water-resistant and incredibly tough. It'll withstand fraying and tearing and it'll never stretch.

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