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SKB iSeries 4909-5 Waterproof Utility Case

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The ultimate protective hard rifle case. 

If you’re looking for that bomb-proof rifle case that’ll last a lifetime, you’ve found it: SKB’s 3i-4909-5B-L iSeries Rifle Case is so tough, it gives Pelican’s finest a run for their money (minus the sticker shock). Just check out everything this badass rifle transporter comes with:

Measures 49” x 9” x 5”. Actually MIL-SPEC (for real). Waterproof (IP67 rating).

SKB didn’t just want to claim their case was the best. They went through the pain of submitting this thing to real abuse with military testing. This case came out of the gauntlet rocking not one, but four MIL-STD specifications: One for UV, mold, and corrosion resistance; one for the general construction and pressure relief valve, and two for the environmental seal and waterproofing. It doesn’t get tougher than this (and it’s a helluva price, too).

Additional Specs

  • Injection-molded copolymer resin
  • Patented heavy-duty spring latches
  • Metal-reinforced padlock locations
  • Over-molded folding carry handle
  • Ambient pressure relief valve
  • IP67 & MIL-STD-648C rated
  • MIL-STD-C-4150J rated
  • MIL-STD-810F rated

We all love tactical rifles these days, and the gun case market has started reflecting that: Big, wide, bulky boxes are everywhere, made for AR-15s and detachable magazines. But what about bolt-action and bench rifles? Where are the small quality rifle cases that don't take up the whole trunk or closet? With loads of mil-spec ratings, the SKB iSeries 4909 might be the rifle case for you.

The iSeries 4909 At a Glance

Up front, we get a free-standing case made from reinforced, injection-molded polymer. Nice, wide feet keep the case upright in storage and help protect the hinges from impacts, with a rubberized carry handle for transport. You can spy the stainless locking latch holes on either side of the lid's latches, but more on security later. Here's the basic breakdown:


  • Interior Length: 49.00"
  • Interior Width: 9.00"
  • Interior Depth: 5.00"
  • Case Length: 51.00"
  • Case Width: 12.25"
  • Case Depth: 6.50"
  • Case Weight: 14.06 lbs.

SKB claims the 4909 is tough as Hell. It comes with three military certifications: One for physical protection, UV exposure, corrosion, and fungus, and two for waterproofing, altitude changes, pressure seals, and underwater submersion. 

In short, SKB Tactical says the iSeries 4909 is a military-grade rifle case, and the lab testing appears to back that up. This rifle case was made in the good ole' US of A, too. So, let's see how this rifle case looks up close.

Casing and Carry Handle

The exterior casing of the iSeries 4909 is solid and overall, it feels rugged. The plastic doesn't feel brittle or thin, and the lid doesn't have wobble or "give". That's largely thanks to the four large stainless steel-pinned latches, which is a nice touch. The hinges are molded into the casing to protect them from attack. Most plastic gun cases only have two hinges, and it makes all the difference. The carry handle's comfortable, not hard or brittle. The handle snaps into place when shut and it's recessed, which is nice. It won't flap around or snag on corners or shelves.

Latches and Locks

On either side of the handle you get two locking latches for a total of four. They're placed directly opposite the lid's hinges, which helps keep the entire case rigid. The latches are beefy and have a nice pop when they open and close. SKB calls these their "patented trigger latches." Next to each latch is a stainless steel loop for locking the lids with your choice of padlock. This case is polymer, and it will flex if all four latches are not shut or locked. Keep this in mind if you're locking this case up for security.

For storage, we like how the latches and lids edges close flush, like the handle. The design of the 4909 rifle case keeps things compact and uniform, without any pointy bits or big corners. Each corner's rounded, and all the latches are recessed when shut. The underside of the case is slick. It can be easily pushed or pulled from a compact space, like under a bed or in the trunk.

Pressure Relief Valve

The 4909's built-in pressure valve allows the case's O-ring to remain properly sealed in case of big altitude or pressure changes. This is a nice touch for air travel, since the 4909 meets TSA's firearm container requirements. This valve will also prevent the O-ring from blowing out if the case is submerged. This isn't just a gimmick, either. SKB submitted the iSeries for military testing, and the pressure relief valve is, in fact, rated under the Department of Defense's (MIL-STD-648C) "specializing shipping container" standards.

Case Interior and Options

The iSeries 4909 comes in three variants: 

  • 4909-5B-E (empty)
  • 4909-SR (layered foam)
  • 4909-5B-L (convoluted foam)

The case is also available in Desert Tan (4909-SR-T) and OD Green (4909-SR-M) with convoluted foam inserts only. This shot also provides a nice view of the oversized hinges, which take up at least 50% of the lid's length. This is what helps to provide that rigid, relatively inflexible lid.

Long Gun Storage

At 49", we were expecting plenty of room for our scoped Remington .308 bolt gun. It fit with plenty of space for a spotter scope, some accessories or sling, and perhaps a few boxes of ammo. The 4909 fits the bill as a compact but "just-big-enough" hunter's case. At 5" deep, it's also large enough for a wider magnum rifle, a stock with an ammo saddle, or a long gun with an oversized bolt handle or wide bipod.


So, is the SKB iSeries 4909 worth (depending on your choice of foam) its $135 to $150 pricetag? We think so. To be perfectly honest, we'd peg this rifle case closer to $199. That's because of its overall construction but most of all, it's US-made and comes with multiple military test certifications. This is a surprising rifle case. It's a sleeper. It's unassuming, skinny, and simple-looking, but it's very high quality. An honest 5/5 for any long gun owner who needs a compact, and incredibly tough rifle case.

Q: Will the iSeries 4909 fit an AR-15?

A: Yes. You can fit an AR-15 inside this case if it has the typical rifle configuration: Standard forged or billet upper and lower receivers with a Picatinny rail, a 16" to 20" barrel, regular pistol grip, and A2-style front sight/gas block and rear iron sights. A rifle in this configuration measures 8.5" tall, while the 4909 is 9" wide, leaving just enough room. A rifle with an optic or 30-round magazine fixed will probably be too tall.

Q: Is the 4909 case completely waterproof?

A: Yes. It has a certified IP-67 waterproof rating, which gaurantees protection when the case is fully immersed. 



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