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Tools & Cleaning

Tools & Cleaning

Affordable gunsmithing tools and quality cleaning kits.

Whether you bought or built your custom AR, long gun or handgun, now you need to tune it up and maintain it to enjoy accuracy and reliability. That's why we offer a full suite of professional-grade gunsmithing tools and cleaning kits for those long days at the range or in the hunting blind. Whether you're piecing together a rifle kit, snaking some fouled barrels to remove carbon, or swapping out triggers and parts, we've got the tools and cleaning equipment you need.

Professional, multi-caliber cleaning kits

Sometimes it just pays to grab an all-in-one kit. Got a few ARs chambered in .223, 9mm, and .308? Or a couple of handguns in .44, 9mm, and .357 that you run at the range or competition? Check out our Pro Rifle and Pistol Cleaning Kits. With multi-caliber swaps, brushes and bristles, and cleaning patches and rods for various barrels and actions, you can keep all your long guns and handguns running oiled and free of fouling using one, simple kit.

Everything your AR needs from muzzle to buttstock

Whether you're swapping a muzzle device or handguard, changing barrels and barrel nuts, or assembling your first lower parts kit, you'll quickly find the AR platform demands plenty of tools. We've got you covered with professional-grade roll pin punch sets, receiver and magazine vise blocks, torque wrenches, and armorer's wrenches.

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