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Stability and accuracy on any terrain.

Sometimes, you have to take that trophy shot at 200 yards from a cliff face or steep incline. When that first trigger pull matters most, you should be confident your round will land where it needs to go. That's why a quality, lightweight shooting tripod is a great choice for the long-range shooter or in-the-field hunter.

 The tripod is your shooting ally

Three words: Accuracy, stability, and weight. It pays in trophy antlers and bulls-eyes to improve your chances of making the perfect shot. A shooting tripod provides extra stability on any terrain - especially useful for you hunters out on rough, elevated land. Using the tripod as a gun rest frees up your non-shooting hand and it's guaranteed to improve accuracy. And a good tripod collapses, folds, and weighs next to nothing, making it easy to carry.

Precision shooting with Primos

We partnered with Primos to bring their highly popular Gen 3 Trigger Sticks to our catalog. Primos' shooting stick tripods are capable of managing the recoil and weight of any centerfire rifle or shotgun, while also providing an interchangeable yoke system so you can even set up a camera, rangefinder, or sighting scope instead.

Adjustable for any terrain and stance

A good shooting tripod provides a stable, level platform on any surface. The tripods we offer utilize single-hand adjustments and individually sizeable leg supports. This allows your tripod to support shots downrange on uneven terrain of any kind. Sizing up your tripod for a standing, crouched, or kneeling shooting stance is easy, too. This ensures you're aiming and pulling the trigger from a position where you feel comfortable and confident.

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