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UTG® AR15 Flip-up Front Sight - ACCU-SYNC®, Black



An upgraded A2 front sight post that isn't a pain in the ass.

The A2 front sight is what most modern shooters are staring at when they learn to shoot iron sights properly. But that original design is a pain. It's huge, heavy, and gets in the way. So, UTG created their own take on the A2 front sight with the ACCU-SYNC iron. It's arguably one of the smallest flip-up sights, ever.

Weighs just 1.3 ounces.

And the ACCU-SYNC measures barely over one inch in height, width, and length when installed. A push-button lock allows the sight to automatically deploy and lock in the upright position. The Picatinny/1913 mount utilizes a Return-to-Zero fixture, guaranteeing accuracy without re-zeroing each time you uninstall and reinstall the sight.

Add'l Specs & Features

  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and steel
  • Matte hardcoat anodized finish matches most AR finishes
  • Designed to interface with MNT-957 ACCU-SYNC rear sight
  • Standard A2 front sight post works w/ any A2-style rear sight