Walker's Premium Passive Folding Muff

(You save $10.00 )


ANSI S3.19-Certified hearing protection for professional shooters.

Walker’s Premium Passive Folding shooting muffs provide shooters with ANSI S3.19-certified noise reduction levels of up to 32 decibels. Whether you’re a fan magnum loads, big-bore rifles, or you need a certified pair of muffs for the three-gun competition, Walker’s muffs have you covered.

Certified Noise reduction: 32 Decibels. Comfortable, passive, affordable.

Walker’s passive muffs require no batteries for guarantee protection - and they’re comfortable, too. A padded, adjustable leather headband and quality cushions allow for all-day wear, so you can focus on hitting steel and not fidgeting or fixing your ear pro.

Additional Specs

  • Compact folding design for storage
  • Luxury padded leather headband
  • ANSI S3.19 certification
  • Soft PVC ear cushions
  • Ultra-light design