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Wiley X Saber Advanced - 3 Lens Pack

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We’ve talked about how important safety glasses are when it comes to shooting. We even wrote a full, in-depth guide covering ballistic shooting glasses and their lens colors and ratings (we highly recommend you brush up on the specs). Without reiterating what we talked about in the guide too much, the WX Saber Advanced Glasses provide the highest level of ballistic eye protection. But are they comfortable and effective? Let’s get a close-up view.

Features of Wiley X Saber Advanced:

  • Shatterproof selenite polycarbonate lenses
  • Meets MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection ith distortion-free clarity
  • T-Shell lens coating resists scratching in extreme environments
  • Adjustable "Take-Flight" nose piece accommodates all face shapes
  • Fully adjustable, rubberized telescoping temples for easy fit w/ ear pro

The Wiley X Sabers at a Glance

The Wiley-X glasses are a semi-rimmed, MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic–rated pair of shooting glasses with changeable lens and arm. The MIL-PRF ballistic rating provides better protection than classes rated under civilian specifications (ANSI Z87+). Where civilian glasses are rated to stop a quarter-inch steel ball at around 150 fps, these are rated to protect against a 0.15-inch projectile at 650 fps. Safe to say, these provide much more protection than most other shooting glasses do.

Additional Specs & Features

  • 100% UV protection in direct sunlight
  • Compatible with PTX prescription lenses
  • Includes leash cord with rubber grips for head
  • Microfiber storage bag included
  • Available lens colors: Clear, smoked, light rust, vermillion, yellow
  • Meets MIL-PRF-32432(GL)
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • Meets OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(i)

In-depth Review

The Lens

The lenses (really, a single “shield”-type lens) are the star of the show when it comes to the Wiley-X Saber Advanced features. Ballistic ratings get more specific from Wiley-X: the company claims the lens can stop a .22-caliber ricochet traveling between 550 and 590 fps while it can prevent that 0.15-inch projectile at up to 725 fps—an increase in protection over the base MIL-PRF rating. You can read more about Wiley-X's lens testing here

Overall, this particular lens provided more protection for the shooter than other shooting glasses did. The clear lens provides 90 percent light transmission while affording 100 percent UVA and UVB protection in direct sunlight. The 10 percent reduction in light is just enough to reduce bright glares and provide some better focus in your reticle or irons when facing direct light.


The lens is made from what Wiley-X calls “shatterproof selenite” polycarbonate and also coated in a scratch-resistant T-Shell coating (the reason for a 10 percent light-transmission reduction) that helps to protect optical clarity against dust and debris.

Alternative Lens Colors

The Advanced Saber’s clear lens is a good, do-it-all lens for all conditions. But if you prefer some tint or better contrast in particular conditions, they have you covered with alternate lens options that are easily interchangeable:

Smoke gray. This lens provides a high tint rating with 15 percent light transmission, making it an excellent choice for high-sun environments with extreme glare. This is a good lens for desert environments.

Light rust. The light rust lens provides color enhancement of medium-low light with 53 percent light transmission. This orange-tint lens is best for outdoor ranges, and it provides excellent contrast enhancement of orange targets. It’s a good lens for clay shooting.

Vermillion. This pinkish-red-hued lens also provides 53 percent light transmission, while providing color enhancement in urban environments and when trying to identify colored targets on cloudy days. It increases overall contrast in fog and haze too.

Pale yellow. This lens provides 86 percent light transmission and works best at indoor ranges and in low-light or night shooting conditions. Like the rust lens, the pale yellow lens provides color enhancement for orange targets and works well when you’re clay-shooting.

The Nose Bridge

The Saber Advanced features a “Take Flight” nose bridge that provides an easy-to-adjust, comfortable fit for different nose shapes. It provides a tool-less, snap-in fit on the lens itself, so replacing either the lens or the bridge (or both) is simple enough. What we found nice about the bridge is how it keeps the lens relatively far away from the shooter’s eyes and nose when holding a cheek weld and getting a sight picture. A close-up narrow nose bridge on shooting glasses can tend to cause your lenses to fog up from breath. That, thankfully, is not the case here, especially when coupled with the lens’s unique shape.

Telescoping Temples/Tips

The temples on the Saber Advanced telescope, providing differing lengths to accommodate medium- to XXL-size wearers. The temple tips are a relatively soft, rubbery material, and they maintain a flat profile that helps accommodate wearers donning earmuffs and hearing protection, as well as helmets. The tips are easily replaceable too.

Prescription Inserts Available

Perhaps one of the best Saber Advanced features is the optional prescription insert for Rx lenses. The insert is not a full replacement that ditches the factory lens. Rather, the PTX insert secures where the nose bridge attaches to the lens, providing a lens-inside-lens setup. This retains the glasses’ original ballistic protection while affording prescription-lens users proper sight. Lenses need to be ordered separately for the PTX insert.

Recap & FAQ

This writer has personally worn the Wiley-X Saber Advanced glasses in service. That’s because the US Army currently issues these very ballistic glasses to all new recruits and those who deploy overseas. These safety glasses are durable, flexible, and most of all, comfortable. 

Q: What are the eye-size/bridge/temple measurements of the Saber Advanced?

A: Since the lens is one piece and since the bridge and temples are adjustable, there is no official “xx-xx-xxx” size for the Wiley-X Saber Advanced glasses. They can be molded to the user, and Wiley-X says that, generally, they provide a medium to XXL fit.

Q: What material are the frames and the temples made of?

A: The semi frame and temples are made from a poly-rubber material that is flexible, with a pliable surface feel.

Q: How do you adjust and replace the temples?

A: The temples simply slide in and out to adjust. No tools are required. To replace the temple tips, simply give them a good tug to remove them from the frame. Reinsert replacement temples until they snap into place.

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Q: How do you adjust and replace the temples?

A: The temples simply slide in and out to adjust. No tools are required. To replace the temple tips, simply give them a good tug to remove them from the frame. Reinsert replacement temples until they snap into place.

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